The African students’ organization in Hamburg (AStO-Hamburg) is the umbrella organization of all African students groups in various universities and institutions in Hamburg.  It was founded in Hamburg in 2015.


The purpose of the association is to promote education, student assistance, african art and culture and to participate in cooperative development projects between countries in Africa and Germany.


To be a dynamic force of integrated, insightful and devoted African students in Hamburg and to support one another towards becoming great leaders.

Our values

      i. Cultural heritage

      ii. Integrity

     iii. Discipline


       i. to achieve greater unity and solidarity between African students in Germany and the German communite

       ii. to accelerate the social economic integration of African students in Germany

      iii. to represent a common positions of African students in relation to topics of interest to the people of Germany

      iv. to promote ideas and projects for sustainable socio development of young Africans in the diaspora

Core activities

- Student assistance

- The promotion of african art and culture

- The promotion of language learning

- Participation in cooperative development projects between countries in Africa and Germany