moseee President
Moses Kolade Ogun is a PhD candidate at the Hamburg University of Technology. Moses is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dynamic individual with proven track record in excellent team building and leadership.
He hails from Lagos state, Nigeria. His passion is to participate in creating environments where individuals are given the right platforms and privileges to maximize their potentials.
  Vice President
Richard Jnr. Bonnie is a PhD candidate and research assistant in the Department of English Linguistics at the University of Hamburg. His research specialisations include Phonetics and Phonology, Varieties of English, Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism and Pidgins and Creoles.
He engages in several socio-political groups and activities and is very passionate about interacting with people from diverse backgrounds to find solutions to common problems across the world. At the center of his world lies the desire to cause positive change and development in the lives of people
  Secretary General
Cedric Foga is a bachelor Student at the Hamburg univeristy of Technology
He hails from Cameroon
Maximillien Tchinda is a Master Student in Microelectronics at the Hamburg University of Technology.
He hails from Cameroon.
  Director of Publicity
Hubert Fudjumdjum is a Ph.D. Candidate and Research assistant at Research and Transfer Centre „Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management” of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. His research is focused on the analysis of the impacts of climate change on farmers health in the rural community.
Hubert is passioned with community involvement activities. He is always ahead to carry up decision regarding public and community Health and well-being. He adopts a positive attitude in problem-solving individually and among the group. He is engaged in policies development activities which promote South-North dialogue.
  Director of Socials
Wolfgang Azipon Tebah is a bachelor student of general engineering sciences at the Hamburg University of Technology.
He comes from Bamenda-Cameroon and he is passionate about bringing like minded people together as well as creating common grounds in the midst of highly culturally diversified individuals. Presently president of AStO TUHH, couple with his experience as Welcome Tutor for International Students of his Student Hall, makes him capable to bring fun as well as integrate any individual in any gro
  Director of Projects
Omofolarin Sadiku is a Master Student in Renewable Energy systems at the Hamburg University of Applied Science.
 He hails from Kwara state in Nigeria